4 comments on “Forgive and forget- Truth or Myth?

  1. I think forgiveness doesn’t always mean forgetting. You don’t have to hold a grudge, and let what they did wrong fill your life with biterness, but sometimes it’s wise to not forget. For example, abuse. I think it’s unhealthy to forget abuse and keep going back to the person/sticking around. You know?

    • Ditto!!! You hit the bull’s eye pal.. I agree there’s no point carrying the extra baggage of grudge day to day but yes there’s a very thin line on not letting it affect you further and not holding a grudge. I am still learning to do that.You really really have to work hard on that.

      • It can be tough! I find blessing them help strangely. I think when you force yourself to just say positive things about them, it forces you to release animosity and leave them out of your heart and mind.

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